Mission & Values

Our mission

Anda Sauces aims to be the Belgian taste reference for authentic cold sauces for professionals

  • The joy of sauces that the family grew up in, together with the entire Anda team, wants to convey to the general public through traditional preparation with natural ingredients.

  • Thus, we provide consumers with a blissful taste experience and a unique mouthfeel and desire for more.

  • Thus, our customers acquire greater sales that we further support with perfect customer service and impeccable quality

  • Thus, our passionate employees strive more every day to provide the best sauces and service for all our customers

Our values

They guide what we do, why we make sauces and who we hire.

The best sauce

Tastyrrrrrrrr! The best sauce is made in the best conditions. We make our sauces with our full attention in a super hygienic working environment. We notice what could be better and work as efficiently as possible to bring maximum flavor and passion.

Standing up for yourself and each other

It starts with ourselves. Working together on this team means that you count on others and that others can count on you. We take care of ourselves as well as others: we ask others for help, we set things up for each other, and we help those who are on suck.

Going for it

From our passion, we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the sauce: we help think about what could be different and better, and we voice our ideas. We look at other people's ideas constructively. We commit ourselves and take initiative for innovation.

Part of a whole

Everyone is who they are, with their own strengths (and weaknesses). We treat each other as if we were family: we are open and honest with each other and we bring issues to the surface to clear them out. Without becoming rude, because we treat each other respectfully. This allows us to move forward in complete trust and harmony, as a team, and also personally.

Proud of us

We love our sauces. We also show this to the outside world: by talking about them, by letting people taste them, by taking them wherever they can. Together we make sure that Anda sauces become more and more known and that customers ask for them.

Do you agree with what we stand for? Join our team!

We have a great team, but if you really want to work with us on the tastiest sauces, you certainly can! Check out the open positions or send an impromptu application!
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