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5 Tips to Increase Sales in Your Hospitality Business

The corona crisis is hurting every hospitality business. To survive as a hospitality entrepreneur in the corona era, you do need to adapt your hospitality business. In this article, you’ll discover ways to increase your business’ sales during these harsh times.

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mistery sauce burger

Recipe: Fishy Mistery Burger with Anda Mistery Sauce

The Fishy Mistery Burger takes inspiration from the Great Lakes in the US as it is considered the “largest freshwater system in the world” with many fish species such as salmon, trout and herring in the rivers and lakes. But in addition to the salmon, this burger is also made with delicious avocado, red onions and our fresh mistery sauce!

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chickenburger sauce hamburger

Recipe: Louisiana Chickenburger with Anda Chickenburger Sauce

The Louisiana Chickenburger is a chickenburger that represents the Deep South. The main ingredient is “fried chicken”, which is a traditional southern dish. It’s a real flavor booster thanks to a crispy crust on the outside of the chicken that retains the juices in the meat along the inside.

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