Each pot of Anda sauce is made from natural ingredients in our traditional workshop. We guarantee our unique flavours and creamy mouthfeel with recipes only known to the family. Our sauces are given plenty of time to fully develop their aromas.

Anda sauces are...

  • Handmade traditional sauces

    Every sauce is individually developed by us. Home-made preparation guarantees a creamy structure and unique taste experience.

  • Honest

    No flavour enhancers or artificial colourings or aromas in 95% of Anda sauces! Anda primarily uses natural ingredients, such as herbs, vegetables, rapeseed oil without GMOs, etc.

  • Always of excellent quality

    Business owner Jimmy is also Head of Production. He takes great care to ensure that the quality of every pot that leaves the workshop is perfect. Besides complying with the statutory HACCP standards, a sample of each batch is tested in an independent laboratory.

  • Exclusively serving the catering industry

    Anda's origins lie in the world of frying. This is why each recipe is specially developed for the catering market. Today, Anda is still an out-of-home specialist and Anda sauces can be found exclusively at catering distributors.

  • Easy to use

    Anda offers various user-friendly forms of packaging. The Anda pump-serve systems offer a practical pump solution.