5 Tips to Increase Sales in Your Hospitality Business

The corona crisis is hurting every hospitality business. To survive as a hospitality entrepreneur in the corona era, you do need to adapt your hospitality business. In this article, you’ll discover ways to increase your business’ sales during these harsh times.

Tip 1: Order by phone or digitally for take-away

Make your menu available for phone or online orders. This ensures more comfort and safety for your customers

Tip 2: Paying electronically

Make sure your customers can pay electronically in your business. This provides more convenience for your customers and no excess of cash in your business.

paying electronically to increase business sales
Paying electronically

Tip 3: Surprise your customers with free new sauces

Systematically give your customers new sauces to try out in addition to the familiar ketchup or mayonnaise. You will exceed customer expectations and let them test out new flavors. This can lead to more sauce sales (and different sauces) in your store.

Tip 4: Adjust your prices with standard 1 sauce included

Offer your customers a package price including sauce. This way there is no excessive extra cost for your customers and more margin for you.

increase business sales by offering a packaged menu
Menu with hamburger, fries and sauce included

Tip 5: Think about combos to make it easy for customers to choose

Suggest fixed menu combinations (small-medium-large) to get customers to buy more. This makes it more convenient for your customers to choose and more likely to get larger orders.

For example:

  • Small: small fries + 1 sauce + 1 snack
  • Medium: medium fries + 2 sauces + 1 snack
  • Large: large fries + 2 sauces + 2 snacks
tip fixed menu combination of fries and sauce and meat to increase sales in business
Example small menu: small fries + 1 sauce + 1 snack

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